1996: Pete Chan, Ph.D. founded the company. Components for the watch-making industry are sintered and electroplated.

1997: Carbide manufacturing added to RUNCHANG portfolio. Production of Tungsten YG6, YG8, studs & carbide begins.

1998: RUNCHANG group purchased its own sintering technology company, named RUNCHANG New Material.

1999: RUNCHANG New Material is founded as a separate entity. Production of professional drill sets for oil exploitation begins.

2000: Production expansion by adding cutting tools with carbide components. Flowline of Roctec 100&500 Carbide Waterjet Cutting nozzles begins.

2001: Production of Tungsten Rods, Balls, and Plates begins. Production areas are continuously expanded.

2002: The corporate group achieves revenues of 15 million RMB, employing around 150 staffers, and expands further.

2005: New Equipment Pressing Vaccum Sintering Furnace purchased. The new building constructed for Tooling in Zhuzhou. Employes from the Tooling department move into the new facility, which boasts a total area of 1,500 m². The RUNCHANG system corporate area founded as a profit center.

2006: The RUNCHANG Company celebrates its 10-year anniversary. Production of Tungsten Weights for Pinewood Derby Competition begins.

2008: Introduction of the QM system in accordance with ISO 9000, Certification in accordance with ISO 9002, Certification in accordance with ISO 9001.

2010: Redesigned by Pete, Tungsten Resin Jigs and Tackle Weights are introduced due to Lead ban across the world. RUNCHANG Lures is founded specialized for manufacturing plastic products.

2016: The RUNCHANG Company celebrates its 20-year anniversary.

2017: The RUNCHANG Group went IPO on Hu'nan Public Stock Exchange, code: 600095. Financial Statement audited by Ernst & Young each quarter.

Tungsten Powder Blends
100% virgin raw Tungsten materials are blended and wet milled based on the desired tungsten quality. The exact size of tungsten powder is produced within the hot gas stream of the spraying tower.

Electronically Monitored Presses
When Tungsten powder is pressed into forms under high pressure - producing so-called green compacts - it is fragile but achieves 50% of its final density.

Our highly efficient vacuum sintering ovens provide the Tungsten product with its outstanding qualities. Over 850 Kg of Tungsten products is capable of being sintered every day. Precise process management, which requires specialist knowledge and years of experience, ensure the highest quality of the carbide.


The RUNCHANG GROUP undertakes to be an efficient and reliable partner towards its clients, suppliers, employees, neighbors, and the environment. The RUNCHANG GROUP keeps transparent and open communication. Specifically, this means: we are pursuing long-term relationships with our customers, suppliers, agencies, and neighbors that are based on partnership.

i. We maintain transparent and open communication
ii. We start every business to adhere to all relevant laws and requirements.
iii. We continuously improve our integrated management system, including the processes and products that result from it, providing the helps you need.
iv. The main goal is to achieve zero error on every project, which governs our thoughts and our actions.
v. We avoid extra trash, emissions, and waste whenever possible beginning from the design of the production.
vi. We only use raw materials coming from certificated suppliers, and use energy in an economical manner, building energy-efficient solutions and services.
vii. We consistently correct any production issue by gathering Chinese top-achieved engineers in the field of Tungsten Production.
viii. We think and act by prioritizing quality, environmental, and energy factors.
ix. We work towards the best Tungsten manufacturer in Asian.

This bullet points consist of 100% of our daily job and become all part of our corporate goals, and are also subject to ongoing improvement to achieve better profitability and economical corporate development.
Led by Pete Chan, Ph.D. our team of engineers believes it has responsibilities to question existing processes while developing forward-thinking solutions through ongoing improvement.
Adhering to all relevant laws and specifications is the bottom line in the RUNCHANG GROUP.
Management at the RUNCHANG GROUP is committed to providing all the support necessary to ensure that this will be realized.

Zhuzhou, 06/10/2017

Sales Lead. Henry Chen

Great depth of manufacturing capability and technical expertise allows us to quickly
implement and the new requirements of the market. Our customers receive all services
from a single source and can trust in our secure supply capabilities. The RUNCHANG New Material company is one of few manufacturers which covers the entire supply chain.

I.   Tungsten granulate production
II.  Tungsten pressing
III. Sintering
IV. Wax extrusion
V.  Pressing
VI. Logistics/shipping


All major product groups within metalworking, e.g. turning, milling, hole making, and Weighting, e,g. fishing tackle, Resin Jig, and Golf Club Head are available for customization, giving you the freedom to specify your own product interests without having to pay the price of a special tool.

I. Software Designers in the company worked with practitioners and engineers to walk through every single technical issue and find the optimal solutions for our clients.

II. Embed high-precision robots into the customization process to ensure both perfect quality and efficiency, while lowering your cost at the same time.

III. Customization used to be both costly and time-consuming, but our engineers partnered with software designers to run customization lab test on a virtual lab on the screen, keeping everything else the same. Saving a lot of time and budget and achieve optimal results at the same time.

IV. If the specific tool that you are looking to customize currently is not available in the online configurator, you can use the forms here below. Download the one you need, fill it in and send it to us. All forms have editable fields.

Based on the pillars of our corporate principles, we want our products and services to satisfy our customers and help them succeed. Our products and services stand out for their quality, performance, technical advancements, and for providing the best possible economic efficiency.

Working on the basis of the pillars represented by our corporate principles, our aim is to satisfy our customers and help them to succeed by providing products and services marked by high quality, performance, technical advances and the greatest possible economic benefits.

The quality management system outlined in our quality management handbook is based on the standards ISO 9001 and ISO 9000 and it is binding for the entire RUNCHANG GROUP. We focus all of our processes on establishing the best possible, longest-lasting relationships with our customers, which we combine with our drive to constantly improve.

Ensuring that our employees remain highly motivated is one of the main pillars in this regard. Besides possessing professional expertise, social considerations are also playing an ever more important role. Independent and entrepreneurial employees are a key factor to achieving high quality products and services.
Our suppliers entail another essential element within our overall processes, helping us to satisfy the quality requirements and demands of our customers. Being selective in choosing suppliers, developing their capacities when needed, and integrating them within our processes early on are therefore crucial tasks.
Our highest quality aim is: Striving towards ‘zero errors’.

We intend to meet this challenge by successfully applying the quality policy reflected in our corporate principles.


Beginning with conducting detailed analyses on the delivered raw materials, essential steps for quality assurance also include testing the powder blends and granulates after the company's own processing, and later on, inspecting semi- and finished products and sintered components.

Our experienced employees at the Quality department do the numerous tasks that include measuring hardness, density, determining magnetic values and identifying the carbon content.

Our laboratory is equipped with highly modern machinery such as an ICP spectrometer for elemental analysis, a variety of optical microscopes to assess microstructures of the product surface, two scanning electron microscope with up to 10,000 x magnification, a laboratory attritor for product ingredient ratio check, a rotary evaporator, and laboratory furnaces for series production sintering.
Tests for density, flexural strength, and wear - especially for carbides of different qualities - are a part of our comprehensive testing program.


We are conscious of our responsibility to the environment in how we use and handle energy as well as raw and auxiliary materials. With this goal in mind, we use a system of active environmental management to ensure that both we and future generations may enjoy an unspoiled environment.

The planning processes and actions carried out by all of our employees are oriented towards responding to the environment. As in all other areas at our company, our actions and approaches aim to achieve constant improvements. For us, environmentally conscious planning and action mean that all of the decisions and activities we take which have may have an impact on the environment remain in line with legal and regulatory requirements and focus on the principles of reducing, reuse, recycle and discuss. 

Along with designing environmentally friendly products and processes, we also consider our energy consumption. We implement a systematic and structured approach, take advantage of energy-efficient technologies and make use of renewable energies in our endeavor to continuously enhance our energy-related services.

We are continuously improving our environmental management system. This is all guided by our environmental policy which represents a fixed component of our corporate principles.

Zhuzhou Runchang Group

No. 13 Fctory Building, 

No. 78 Huanghe South Road,

TianYuan District,

Zhuzhou City, HuNan Province, 412007


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